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Karen Gilleland 10/04/2018 3 Minute Read

Embrace a new breed of smart printing and copying solutions

Here's a brainteaser for you: what's the most underrated piece of hardware in your office? Find out here.


Howard Roberts 04/04/2018 5 Minute Read

What is endpoint security and why a Firewall is not enough

We explain endpoint security's biggest challenges, and why a Firewall is not enough, with the help of HP's EMEA Print Technologist Howard Roberts.


Tektonika Staff 03/04/2018 1 Minute Read

How to improve the sustainability of your company's printing envir…

Not long ago, "going green" was something many companies did gradually, if at all. But what can your business do to help the environment?


Tektonika Staff 29/03/2018 3 Minute Read

Round-up: Cybersecurity stories tearing up the internet this March

From millions of malware-infected mobile devices to the biggest DDoS attack ever, here are the news stories that have stormed the internet this month....


Jasmine W. Gordon 27/03/2018 5 Minute Read

Dear CIOs: It's time to get your board psyched about IT

CIOs are finding it hard to energise their board about office tech as something the future of their department depends on. So, how do they do it?


Jasmine W. Gordon 22/03/2018 5 Minute Read

The Endpoints making your workplace a target for hackers

It's only a matter of time before your company is targeted by hackers —if it hasn't been already. So, here's how to protect your office Endpoints

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Joe Hewitson 20/03/2018 4 Minute Read

5 hacking myths Hollywood got so wrong

In honour of the big screen embellishments, we've compiled the biggest hacking myths that drive those of us in IT absolutely crazy.

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