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Round-up: Cybersecurity stories tearing up the internet this February

02/03/20183 Minute Read

From a report on the malicious use of AI to a money laundering scandal on Amazon, here’s a round-up of the cybersecurity news stories that have stormed social media channels this month.

AI ripe for exploitation, experts warn

In The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence Report, experts warn that AI exploitation could turn drones into lethal weapons and create fake videos to manipulate public opinion. The report calls for designers to lessen possible misuses and for governments to enforce new laws. AI has proven it can exceed a human level of performance, isn’t it time humans regained control?

Source: BBC News

Don’t use Huawei phones, say heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA

The US intelligence community is worried about the telecoms giant, Huawei. They believe that as “an arm of the Chinese government”, Huawei’s values clash with their own and are a means for potential espionage. Because of this, officials have warned US citizens not to buy their products or services. As the world’s second biggest smartphone maker, will America’s hostility see Huawei bumped from this spot?

Source: The Verge

Hackers Can Now Steal Data Even From Faraday Cage Air-Gapped Computers

A team of security researchers have completed a study, showcasing the ease at which they can steal data from both an air-gapped and Faraday caged computer. Believed to be two of the most secure devices and most difficult to infiltrate, this is a revelation for hackers but, a huge hit for cybersecurity. It seems a secure world is still a work in progress.

Source: The Hacker News

A single-character message can crash any Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac

Hacking is now as simple as a click of a button thanks to the latest ‘text bomb’ bug, which is affecting a wide range of Apple devices. This defect can be exploited by anyone as, all it takes is one person, sending one character from Telugu (a native Indian language) to one recipient. Once sent, the damage is done – the recipient’s device will immediately crash. For once, we’ll welcome an iOS update!

Source: The Hacker News

Google Is Recording Everything We Say, Here Is How To Hear it, Delete It And Prevent It In The Future

‘Google is recording everything we say’ is slowly, but surely, transitioning from a myth to a truth. Awareness Act have revealed that, before and after saying “Ok Google,” users are being recorded, and audio can even be saved when their devices are offline. What began as a voice-activated search feature is now out-right invasive and unnerving.

Source: Awareness Act

Inside North Korea’s Hacker Army

North Korea’s hacking prowess is not a subject of secrecy. The country has been suspected of security crimes including, snatching credit card details, installing ransomware on corporate servers and swiping neighbouring defence secrets. But, what’s the motive? An interview with a foot soldier in North Korea’s hacker army reveals all: money, and lots of it.

Source: Bloomberg

Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon?

Imagine unknowingly making $24,000 (£17,450) via book sales on Amazon, only to discover that you’ve been the victim of fraud and a money laundering scandal. Well, this is exactly what happened to credited author, Patrick Reames. An impersonator was using his name to peddle a $555 (£400) book that was full of nothing but computer-generated gibberish. And, from Reames’ personal investigation, it seems he isn’t a one-off case – Amazon is a goldmine for fraudsters.

Source: Krebs on Security

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