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How to improve the sustainability of your company’s printing environment

03/04/20181 Minute Read

Not long ago, “going green” was something many companies did gradually, if at all. Today, environmental sustainability is increasingly recognised as an organisation imperative and a linchpin of long-term success. It’s considered a driver of innovation and value creation – and even helps organisations differentiate from the competition.

Yet, despite the growing trend toward more sustainable IT practices, one area is often overlooked: printing and document workflows. Printing is vital to workflow—it facilitates effective communications and brings ideas to life. Yet in many organisations, the imaging and printing fleet is a jumble of outmoded, redundant equipment that lacks an easy way to centrally monitor performance, let alone improve it.

Why it’s time to take action

If you haven’t yet been charged with helping to reduce the environmental impact of IT in your organisation, it’s likely you will be soon. Increased energy costs and heightened environmental awareness—by both consumers and competitors—only add to the urgency. By transforming imaging and printing to be more efficient and productive, IT can make a valuable strategic contribution to meeting an organisation’s sustainability and business goals.

This is where HP’s practical guide on environmental sustainability in office printing can help. It offers you a step-by-step roadmap for developing an action plan to get better performance with a lower impact, and build a stronger, more sustainable organisation. At the same time, it puts you on the path toward making a broader impact with strategic initiatives that drive environmental innovation and sustainable value.

Take a look at the following questions below to get a quick sense of how your organisation’s current imaging and printing environment could be improved.


Download this checklist to share with your fellow office eco-warriors!


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