Round-up: The hottest news tearing up the internet this April

27/04/20182 Minute Read

From a hacked fish tank to Facebook’s request to use facial recognition technology, here are the news stories that have stormed the web this month.

Bug hunters: The hackers earning big bucks ethically

Businesses can now employ their very own Bug hunter – and we don’t mean the insect kind. Bug hunters look for weaknesses within a company’s network so they can fix it before cybercriminals wreak havoc. It’s essentially hacking, minus the data exploitation, financial loss and reputational damage. Do you need some pest control?

Source: BBC

Hackers once stole a casino’s high-roller database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank

The CEO of cybersecurity firm, Darktrace, has warned that hackers are increasingly targeting unprotected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The latest victim – the thermometer in an aquarium – had devastating consequences for the casino it was located in. We’re placing our bets; this won’t be the last IoT-related data breach you’ll hear of.

Source: Business Insider

Russian cyberattacks have targeting millions of computers, including home Wifi routers

The UK and USA governments have joined forces to warn citizens and businesses of Russian hackers’ attempt to steal intellectual property from millions of computers. These cybercriminals are seeking new ways of sitting invisibly within a network so, when the order is given, they can launch an attack within seconds. It seems a cyber-war has been declared.

Source: The Times

Facebook seeks facial recognition consent in EU and Canada

It’s been revealed that social network Facebook has asked European and Canadian users to allow facial recognition technology to identify them in photos and videos. This is one of several opt-in permissions being rolled out following a series of privacy protests, and ahead of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – four weeks and counting.

Source: BBC

Iran hit by global cyberattack that left US flag on screens

Earlier this month, the networks of a number of countries, including Iran, were hacked. The attack left the image of the USA’s flag on screens along with the warning “Don’t mess with our elections.” Although it was neutralised within hours and no data was lost, 200,000 router switches were affected across the world. The culprit is still unknown…

Source: Reuters

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What does May have in store for technology? Stay tuned to find out.

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