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Josh Folland 23/01/2018 3 Minute Read

Making the case for colour printing

Using colour printing is a tried and true way to get your business noticed. But is the benefit worth the added cost? We find out here:

Tektonika Staff 11/01/2018 4 Minute Read

How IT Time Lords are regenerating their leadership skills

There's no doubt about it: Tech moves fast. But how do we as tech professional keep up with it?

Jasmine W. Gordon 01/01/2018 4 Minute Read

4 ways to improve mobile UX

As content offerings for marketing, customer service, and loyalty programs become digital, there's a need to improve mobile applications too.

Tabi Jackson Gee 30/11/2017 13 Minute Read

Millennial employees rewrite the office rulebook

The war for talent now requires running tracks, free beer and fishtanks. But kindness and culture might be better ways to hire and inspire staff.

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Tim Danton 28/11/2017 4 Minute Read

Will we ever see the paperless office?

The editor-in-chief of the UK's number one IT monthly magazine exposes the myth of the paperless office, but says change is within reach, too.

Joe Hewitson 16/11/2017 3 Minute Read

3 reasons document-intensive business processes need automation

Why should automating document-intensive business processes be top of your to-do list?

Kimberlee Brannock 02/11/2017 4 Minute Read

It’s time to start thinking about compliance

Compliance is a huge task that can feel daunting and never-ending. But it's necessary—business leaders have to tackle it. They can't afford not to.